Hi! I’m Bekki.

I’m a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest – and have lived almost my entire life in Clark County. This county is a part of me. I grew up on Uncle Milt’s Pizza and still silently mourn every time I drive by the spot Steakburger once stood. (No offense Panera.) I graduated from Prairie High School, and went on to graduate from the University of Portland. After my husband and I married in 2003, we decided to stay local – because we love it

Now, we’re raising our four kids here – and take every opportunity we get to explore our community with them. While I am always up for a road trip (seriously – let’s get in the car and go!), I think it’s incredible just how much there is in our area to do and see.

In 2010, I started the website www.chasingsupermom.com – eager and excited to encourage moms. My mission was (and still is!) to provide realistic ideas (for regular moms – not Pinteresty ones) and an authentic take on motherhood. 

I am passionate about helping moms. (A lot.) BUT- part of me always wanted a platform just for my local readers – the ones who are tired of being in a date night rut and can’t figure out where to go on Friday night. I wanted to help the mom who just can’t take one more episode of Paw Patrol and has to get out of the house with her kids NOW. (Been there my friend.) I wanted to give the gal who’s afraid of driving in downtown Portland but doesn’t think there’s anything cool to do in the ‘Couve some ideas. (I love P-town too – so you’ll see those posts as well!) I wanted to highlight our area – this glorious little chunk of the Pacific Northwest. (Or the #PNWonderland as it’s known on Instagram. Are you following me there? You totally should. @clarkcountymoms)

On Clark County Moms you’ll find out all about where to go, what to do, where to eat, and where to save in all of Clark County and beyond. I’ll highlight local restaurants, attractions, events, and businesses and hopefully a few hidden gems. There is SO much to do here in our little corner of Upper Left USA.

I hope you’ll stick around and explore Clark County with me. Since I can’t swing by Pines Coffee for a Base Camp Latte or head across the river for an ODB doughnut at Voodoo with each of you – let’s connect online!

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